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Welcome to my little space on the internet thanks to the amazing folks at Love in Stereo! I’ll be posting regularly about my latest campaigns and adventures and 2012 will certainly be full of them.

I’m excited to share a campaign that I am currently working on called Schools for Water. After traveling to Kenya this winter and visiting some of the water projects that have been funded from the row across the Atlantic and bicycle race across America, it’s given me that extra boost of motivation to find more ways to help.

This spring I am teaming up with ten school in Northeast Ohio. Each school is pledging to help one school in Kenya gain access to safe water. There are lots of cool ways the students are getting involved and doing their part but the key message is that every penny counts.

The ten schools will be doing coin collections with jerry cans throughout their schools. Jerry cans are the symbol for water in Kenya. Many people in developing countries use the jerry can to haul and store their drinking water.

Each school is aiming to fund one entire school in Kenya by raising enough coins to make a four mile line (four miles to signify the average distance children in Kenya walk each day for water). Once all the schools have reached their target, we’ll be lining up all the coins and demonstrating the distance kids walk in Kenya. Our goal is ultimately to help 10,000 kids gain access to safe water!

If you would like to support this campaign and help the students reach their target, donations are very much appreciated and can be made here.

Thanks for your support, and stay tuned for more good stuff. A special shout out goes to all the schools that are participating and the students at All Saints of St. John Vianney School, Beachwood High School, Laurel School, Kenston High School, Norton Middle School, Old Trail School, St. Dominic Catholic School, St. Gabriel School, St. Mary Of The Assumption School, Ss. Robert and William Catholic School!

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